Friday, August 27, 2010

Fuck Glenn Beck

I'm sitting at work, catching up on my Daily Show/Colbert Report fix during my lunch break, as I do so often and I suddenly found myself literally choking on a Death Star-sized piece of irony stuck in my throat.

There are two big stories this week that happily dovetail into the themes of my blog (BONUS!):
1. The so-called Ground Zero Mosque
2. Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" Rally taking place tomorrow

Notice any similarities?

Let me break it down for you (ooh if I only had a blackboard this would be PERFECT!)

As you know, the Ground Zero Mosque is really an Islamic Community Center that will be built two blocks from  ground zero of 9/11.

As you also may know, Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" Rally will not only take place on the same day as the anniversary of MLK's historic 1963 March on Washington, it will also take place AT THE SAME PLACE. Right there on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Glenn Beck will be spewing his highly-rated brand of crazy. But before you rise in your seat and call for Beck's head (no worry, it's empty), take comfort in the fact that  Beck recognizes the percieved insensitivity of his rally and is therefore going to move it . . . two steps down.

That needle-like sensation behind your eye is not an aneurysm, it's all of the Right Wing's hypocrisy caving in on itself like a Black hole.

That's right, the same fuck-tards SCREAMING that two blocks is "too close" to the hallowed ground of 9/11 for the planned Islamic center are the same asshats giving Beck a pass after he agreed to step down TWO FUCKING STAIRS down from where Martin Luther King delivered perhaps the most striking speech in U.S. history (it's right up there with Morpheus' speech in Matrix Reloaded).

And here's the thing, despite some stirring from Rev. Al Sharpton, who no one listens to anymore, Beck's blasphemy is hardly the firestorm that the Mosque is. Why? Both deal with issues of faith, proximity and stairs (I presume the mosque will have steps).

Because as Black folks we know bigotry when we see it. Shit! We've had to deal with Klan (actual terrorists mind you) marching through our neighborhoods for decades, we can't get upset because some bigoted asshat wants to hold a speech where MLK stood. Is it idiotic? Yes. Is it insensitive? Ho-boy you bet? Is it illegal? Unfortunately no.

As King and that other guy, oh what's his name, oh yeah, JESUS once said "Love thy neighbor." What happened to America's so-called Christian Heart that would open itself up not only to those we don't like but those that don't like us? When 9/11 happened, our most openly Christian president-to-date El Busho didn't respond with Christian love, he fired back with American gunfire. To be fair, he was acting Christian-like -- just Old School, like Old Testament God -- he of the smoting and smallpox.

No, this Christian facade many of the Islamic Center protesters flock behind (including Glenn Beck -- a mormon by the way which makes his march 1000 times more ironic) has become a symbol not of love but of rabid xenophobic nationalism -- "Pray like me or so help me God I'll fucking ram this cross down your throat!"

And perhaps Black folks have taken too many "grin and bear it" courses at Racism Univeristy, but Glenn Beck's rally and the NY Islamic Center are not real issues. Poverty, sexism, racism, hunger, those doomed Chilean miners -- THOSE are issues worth going to the mat for. I guess, over the years we've learned to choose our battles. Sadly, those protesting the NY Islamic center and lining up at Beck's rally haven't learned theirs.

PS: Seriously, fuck Glenn Beck.


TJ said...

Thank you!

I am so sick of Glenn Beck, and Fox News for that matter, but we'll just focus on Glenn Beck for a moment. Glenn Beck is the same guy that accused Obama of being a racist, yet he has the nerve to hold a rally (for mindless, inept fucktards, mind you) on the same day as the "I have a dream" speech to share his "plan". I hope the only plan is that Glenn has become so fucking insane that he intends to become a martyr to his own beliefs.

And just my "quick" thoughts on the mosque controversy. The people that are protesting this and accusing Islam of being "terrorists" are no better than the people they are pointing their fingers at. You're terrorizing people, most of whom are peaceful people, by making accusations that they are all here to "kill the infidel". Not to mention that teaching and preaching to harass these people is no different than terrorists teaching and preaching to kill those who disbelieve their beliefs. Islam has been in this country for decades without a problem, but since 9/11 we feel these people should be banned the same civil rights (mind you they are the rights this country was founded upon) the rest of us have. I think a lot of people need to look back at the history of their own religions and realize that they are all far from perfect and peaceful people. The crusades were full of bloodshed based on religious beliefs. The hypocrisy of this nation knows no bounds.

B. Cause said...

Hey TJ,
Glad to see you commenting!

Yeah, I'm half-tempted to go down there and check it out. It's only 30 mins from here.

Then I think, I could duplicate the rally's intellectual atmosphere by simply hanging out at the jungle gym at Chic-Fil-A.