Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hello Blogger!

So I'm walking back from lunch yesterday, and guess who I bump into? Leon, of listentoleon.net fame. His blog, "Yeah, I Said It," is part of my daily web routine and he NEVER lets me down.

True story: Leon and I used to work together some years back when he was an intern. He was always a nice guy, but I had no idea the level of funny he was keeping to himself. Glad he let it out.

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ListenToLeon.net said...

Thanks man. It was great running into you the other day. I don't think I was at BET.com long enough to truly unleash the jokes, but I can honestly say that I enjoyed working with you, Kim, Phil, Logan and everyone more than just about any other place I've been at. It was a great group of people.