Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Full Tilt Crazy

I don't use the word "bitch" that often -- usually just in court or in Wendy's Drive-Thrus (don't ask) -- but THIS bitch right here is crazy!

Look, I get it.

When you're looking for evidence that God exists there's nothing more solid than a good old, 8.9 earthquake to shore up your doubts. I mean it's got everything -- 100,000s of dead men, women and children, widespread panic, fires, massive floods -- it's soooo B.C.!

And considering we only have, what, two months before the rapture, the Japanese earthquake/tsunami is just God stretching his smiting muscles, right?

So I can't blame evagelical Christians who read armageddon into natural disasters, but to actually PRAY for them is just plumb fucking crazy! Strike that, plumb fucking evil.

And not to mention, useless.

Crazy Bitch upstairs says she and her friends prayed for a major sign from God to convince atheists to convert. And while I cannot speak for all atheists, earthquakes, as devastating as they may be, are kind of vague.

Want to prove God's existence, have him do something that, I don't know, doesn't already happen literally hundreds of times a year. How about a HUGE FACE IN THE SKY CLAIMING -- "YES I AM GOD." Or even the whole flipped city from "Inception." Shit, I'll take world peace. But claiming natural disasters . . . oh hell, I can't even give this anymore thought.

Sometimes these believers really suck.

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