Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jesus is My N*gga

So, I'm bouncing around the interwebs Sunday afternoon and I bump into none other than Black Jesus (no, not Leon from Madonna's video).

Turns out, not only did this dude die for all our sins (allegedly) but he is funny as shit!

Watch a couple of these skits (courtesy of Aaron MacGruder) and if you don't laugh, know that Black Jesus will come for you like a thief in the night and break your pinkie toes.

What I love most, these videos are 100% biblically accurate.

Here's another one:


Claudia said...

How are you finding this stuff!?! This is hilarious. I love that crazy wig he's wearing and the way no one cracks a smile.

B. Cause said...

This is what I do while my children commandeer the TV to watch Power Puff Girls.

badasschick said...

As a coda to your post... Black Jesus invited me over for a Blockbuster night on Saturday...